A Quick Guide to Pre-Winter Roof Inspections

Before winter arrives here in Broken Arrow, OK, we wanted to share some pre-winter roof inspection tips with you.
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As a long-standing roofing company in Broken Arrow with a trusted reputation spanning 20 years, we’ve seen our fair share of winter roofing issues. Before winter arrives, we wanted to share some pre-winter roof inspection tips with you.

At Prestige Roofing, we have everything you need to keep your roof in good condition for years to come. Below are a few tips for roof inspections before winter, which you should consider at this time of year. 

Why are pre-winter roof inspections important?

If you do not look at the condition of your roof before winter arrives, you could end up with a range of problems; which could become more problematic and expensive to handle during the winter months.

Roof repairs typically take longer during the winter, and this is exactly why being prepared, and taking precautionary steps is essential.  

Gutter and Roof Cleaning is Key

With falling leaves comes the potential for clogged-up gutters, and this is the first area you need to tend to. Cleaning the roof and the gutters are a must before winter sets in. 

Another key thing to watch out for a while the cleaning and clearing take place is animal infestations.

While the signs of an infestation could be too high for you reach or see on your own, this is typically something a professional roofing contractor is skilled in. 

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Tip: If you have lots of trees or greenery near to your home, you can install a gutter guard to help prevent a build-up of leaves getting into your gutters.

Don’t Skip the Spring Inspections

The ideal time to get a roof inspection is during the spring. It helps you identify issues before the rainy season sets in.

Small issues can develop, and they develop faster in the winter weather.

So, while it might be a little late if you skipped it this year, but it’s good practice to make sure this doesn’t become a regular habit. 

We’re including a diagram of the parts of a roof so you’ll know what we’re talking about in the following sections.

parts of a tulsa roof

Carefully Check Roof Flashing 

Your roof flashing is a very thin sheet of metal that usually surrounds your chimneys in order to prevent leaks.

If it starts to rust, gets bent, or is damaged in any other way, this can slowly cause a leaking roof.

Which might not be apparent during the spring and summer months, but when the rain starts to fall, it can escalate quickly.

Check the Roof Sealant 

Many roofs also have asphalt sealant that helps to keep the flashing and other features of the roof in place.

It can also be placed over exposed nails.

When this sealant starts to crack, it usually means it’s started to dry out. A pre-winter roof inspection should always take this into account.  

Check the Roof Valleys  

This is often a vulnerable area of the roof, and this is even more so during the cooler months.

There are many types of roof valleys, (mainly open and closed) and each performs differently.

A professional roofer will make sure that your valleys are in good condition, and that they are free from any debris that may have got lodged in there. 

Check the Shingles 

Another essential pre-winter check is to look out for any missing or damaged shingles.

If any sections of the shingles look a little sunken, this is often a tell-tale sign of damage. If the shingle is loose in any parts, it could be fixed quickly and easily with sealant.

However, if something like this is left untreated during the rainy and winter months, it can lead to much more problematic and more costly issues. 

Check Attic Insulation 

With the cooler months looming, good attic insulation is considered best practice where the energy efficiency of your home is concerned.

However, did you know that it can also help to protect the integrity of your roof as well?

Having the right ventilation in your attic alongside good insulation works in tandem to reduce utility costs, and it also helps to make sure the shingle’s surface is kept cool.

With the right ventilation, moisture is able to effectively leave your attic. If this is faulty or inefficient, it can cause any residual moisture to build-up. 

This is a key factor to address for the prevention of ice dams, along with any associated damage that can be caused by these.

If you have had to deal with issues with ice dams in previous years, having a professional roofing conduct a thorough examination of your roofing ventilation and insulation should occur. 

It might also be suitable to install more water and ice protection to your roof with any new installation or repair in order to prevent a future recurrence. 

In a perfect world, an annual roof inspection would be planned for spring and summer; however, if this has been overlooked, getting prepared before the winter is key.

A roof inspection is an important step to identify damage before it can compromise the safety and integrity of your roof. As such, regular inspections should become a crucial part of seasonal home maintenance and should be done at least on an annual basis.

Use fall as an opportunity to prepare for the worst winter ahead, and you will find that a small investment now could prevent you from having to find a small fortune later in the year. 

If you’d to get professional help for your roof inspection, we are a trusted team of local roofing contractors in Tulsa. Call us today for a no-obligation quote for roofing inspection or repair services.