Why You Should Pay Your Full Roof Replacement Deductible

If your roofing contractor offers to waive your roof replacement deductible, don't do it! Instead, hire a company that will work with your insurance agent.
why you need to pay your full roof replacement deductible 1

Roofers offering to waive roof replacement deductibles, giving you a “free roof,” is a longstanding practice in many states. Stay away from contractors providing such. You’re doing yourself a favor by paying your full roof replacement deductible and using a more reputable contractor.

The Danger of Waived Deductibles

In 2019, Texas passed a law stating roofing contractors who offer to waive a homeowner’s deductible on their property insurance policy could face jail time. This new law, HB 2102, requires roofers to, in boldface language, state that homeowners must pay the deductible under their property insurance policy. 

This makes it a criminal offense for a roofing contractor to pay for, waive, absorb, rebate, offset, etc. an insurance deductible. It also makes the policyholder (you) violate the law if a claim with a waived or reduced deductible is submitted knowingly. 

Not all states have such laws. Regardless, you should always be wary of contractors offering waived deductibles. These offers are always complicated and are almost always illegal. 

How Do Roofers Waive Deductibles?

It sounds like a good deal, right? Your insurance company pays for a new roof after hail damages your current one. AND your roofing contractor is going to absorb the cost of your deductible? Winning!! Not really.

Roofing companies often bill you for the full cost your insurance has agreed to pay– even if the project requires less money than that. The roofer will then adjust the price of the job by precisely the cost of your deductible. This leaves the insurer overbilled– and can result in you being accused of insurance fraud. 

So What’s the Big Deal?

If insurance fraud accusations aren’t motivating enough, consider this: many times, roofers offering to refund a deductible will do the job with inferior materials or shoddy quality. Some contractors have even disappeared entirely after waiving the deductible, leaving homeowners with no new roof at all!

A botched roof replacement ends up costing the homeowner a significant amount of money in repair/replacement costs later down the road. And ethical roofing companies who will do a quality job are often losing business to these shady contractors promising free roofs.  

What If I Can’t Pay My Deductible?

Deductibles can be high, so offers to absorb them are often enticing. A better option is to contact your insurance provider and bargain for a lower deductible. Going from a 2% to 1% deductible or asking for a $1,000 or $2,000 deductible can make a difference. 


Any roofing company willing to commit insurance fraud to get your business is not one you should let anywhere near your roof. If they get caught, you could be in trouble too. If you find a roofing contractor willing to adjust the numbers so you can avoid paying your deductible, run away. 

If a contractor is willing to commit insurance fraud, where else are they willing to cut corners? Your roof helps to protect your home– entrust it to someone worthy. 

Sure, we’d all rather avoid paying our deductible, but that isn’t how it works. A good roofing contractor knows how to work directly with your insurance to get you all the insurance compensation you are entitled to for your new roof. 

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