commercial Built up roofing in tulsa

A built up roofing system for Tulsa businesses

Built-up roofing has proven to be a time tested roofing system for protecting and fortifying flat and low slope roofs against leaks and water damage here in Tulsa.

It’s one of the oldest roofing materials and strategies on the market and remains one of the most accepted and popular roofing types for commercial buildings.

Built up roofing provides strategic value for commercial roofing in Tulsa with the continuous sealed surface it provides, keeping water from sneaking through and causing damage to your property.

Why Choose built up roofing in Tulsa?

Built-up roofing is a great roofing system created by alternating layers of fabric and asphalt to create a sealant over the roof and reinforcing it by finishing it off with a top layer of either stone or gravel.

Over the years, improvement in energy efficiency standards has led to the inclusion of a rigid insulation layer to improve energy efficiency. We leverage this energy efficiency to help you save more money over the life of your business.

built up roofing pros & cons


  • Waterproof
  • Ultraviolet Light Reflective
  • Fire Resistant Due to Top Layer of Gravel or Stone
  • Low Maintenance


  • Slow Installation
  • Cost is Generally Higher Than Other Roofing Materials
Roof Installation Tulsa & Broken Arrow Oklahoma

We know that when it comes to commercial roofing in Tulsa, there are multiple options.

We earn the trust of Tulsa businesses every week and help them keep their business buildings safe because of our high quality work and high integrity roofing repairs.

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Insurance And Built up roofing Repairs

Prestige Roofing will walk with you through every step of the insurance process for built up roofing system repairs and installation.

We worked with hundreds of  business owners to provide expert level repair and installation services for Tulsa roofing.

When you need built up roofing system repairs, don’t just trust anyone.  Contact our experienced team and put our 25 years of experience to work for your Tulsa business building.

Built Up Roofing Broken Arrow

Prestige roofing is one of a select group of experienced teams for built up roofing in Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Bixby.  Very few roofing organizations carry the level of high quality, high integrity that our team does when it comes to  any roof repair or installation. 

We also provide expert level residential roof repairs for homes of all sizes.

If you have a residential roofing project that you need completed on time and within your budget contact us today to get your free quote.

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