Premium Roofing In Tulsa: Installation & Repair

If you are looking to install new, premium roofing for your Tulsa home, you may be underwhelmed by the standard options such as asphalt shingles.

We offer premium roofing products and services for families that need more defense for their homes, but also want a roof that looks great.

At Prestige Roofing, we have an expert team that has handled roofing projects of all scales and types, from smaller, unique homes in midtown Tulsa, to large ranch houses in the outskirts of Bixby.

We can help you find the perfect premium roofing solution for your home.

That is why we provide you with premium roofing options for your roofing installation.

Premium Clay Tile Roof Repair & Installation


Clay Tile Roof Installation

Clay roof tiles are a popular type of Spanish and European tile that is used to create a historic look to your home.

Choosing to install clay tile roofing comes with many significant advantages:

Clay tiles have some similarities to concrete tiles in that they weigh more than concrete and will need to be professionally installed to your roof.

Our clay tile installation team ensures that the clay tiles are properly secured. In most cases, additional support is needed prior to installation.

It is critical to have professional installation for Clay Tiles, simply because they  require precision installation in order to both look right and function the proper way.

Clay Tile Roofing vs. Concrete Tile Roofing

  • Clay roof tiles absorb less water than concrete tiles making it great to have in tropical storms or against regular rain showers. This limits the amount of mildew build-up.
  • Clay tiles have less water retention than concrete and weighs less. A regular clay tile weighs less than 50% than concrete without the water element alone.
  • Clay tiles are easy to maintain. However, concrete may be better in some scenarios.
  • Clay tiles can easily crack in lower to freezing temperatures, unlike concrete tiles that can survive through any temperature.

One thing they both do have in common is they are both considered heavy compared to other roofing and because of this whatever building they are installed on needs to be heavily reinforced or that can be a cause for future problems in repairs and replacements.

clay tile roofing warranty

The warranty for clay roof tiles can last 50 years to a lifetime depending on the type of clay tiles you purchase. 

Don’t worry, our team can help you go through all the options and help you decide on the best clay tile solution for your home.

The clay roof tile repair can increase the value of your property over time. Clay tiles can be more energy saving compared to concrete roofing tiles but on the flip-side also can darken in color which makes it less energy efficient.

Spanish Tile Repair can be more expensive due to the fact that clay roofing tiles are extremely hard to come by versus the concrete and ceramic roofing tiles.

When you need to best, you need Prestige Roofing. 

With nearly 25 years of roofing experience, specifically for Broken Arrow, Tulsa and Bixby, you can trust our team to install and repair your premium roofing the right way.

Have one of our Tulsa roofing experts visit your home and provide with a free assessment so you can know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Da Vinci Valore Single Width Slate Roofing Project

Premium Slate Roofing

Slate is one of the most beautiful and durable roofing materials for the modern home.

For centuries, it’s been the roofing material of choice for the world’s greatest buildings and most recently it’s become more available for homeowners.

We have even known of some slate roofs that have lasted for literally hundreds of years, enduring all of the ravages that Mother Nature could throw at them.

That’s why we have confidence that it can hold up to the extreme Tulsa and Broken Arrow weather that we so often experience.

Synthetic Roofing Material Options

Premium Synthetic Shingles

Premium Synthetic Shingles

If there are missing pieces or the shingles are bending and curving then it is time to start making repairs.

If the damage is too excessive, our team may make a recommendation to replace a portion of your roof  or the entire roof and provide a detailed pricing breakdown that you can use to work with your insurance company.

Synthetic shingles may be recommended if there are any significant cracks or dents in your shingles or any holes in your panels.

We will always make sure to provide you with multiple roofing options to ensure your needs are met within your budget.

Synthetic Shake Shingles


Prestige Roofing will assist you in repairing and replacing your synthetic shake shingles for your home.

This material consists of wooden split logs and is a combination of rubber and plastic. Synthetic shakes are used for not only roofing but for sidings as well.

A list of some of the best shake shingles are:

  • CertainTeed XT
  • Owens Corning Supreme AR
  • Tamko Heritage Vintage
  • GAF Marquis WeatherMax

Like other roofing tiles and shingles, a synthetic shake shingle installation can last up to thirty years while maintained properly.

These material installations are preferred over architectural shingles that are thicker versions of the traditional 3 tab shingles and weigh over half more. Synthetic shakes are more environment-friendly compared to other shingles which contribute to its longevity. As with all roofing materials, synthetic shakes can withstand heavy storms and other extreme weather conditions due to an impact modifier.

Synthetic Slate Roofing


Synthetic slate roofing installation has multiple benefits:

  • Synthetic slate is lighter and most cost-effective than natural stone.
  • It has UV protection and is energy efficient which ties into the future cost and investment.

We have a variety of colors to choose from and the slate does not need to be painted over as the color will not fade over.

Slate stone is highly durable as it does not crack even during installation and repair.

Synthetic slate is environmentally friendly as it is made from recyclable material and is 100% recyclable itself after its lifetime.

Repairs are few and far between.

Synthetic Tile

Premium Roofing - Synthetic Tile

Synthetic tiles are eco-friendly and durable.

As a premium roofing material, synthetic tiles are low in cost with its maintenance and repair.

It comes in a range of colors, giving you the style and quality defense at a lower lifetime rate.

Durable Defense With Synthetic Tile

Synthetic tiles are made with acrylic, PVC, rubber and fiberglass, making them extremely weather resistant.

These type of tiles are ideal to homeowners who have a budget and want a specific, stylized look to their roof.