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Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Do You Have Questions About Roof Insurance?

What does roof insurance cover and do I need it? Roof insurance covers any damages (if in your policy) made by leaks and cracks for a regular roof damage claim. Also, any damages caused by fire and other acts of God like hurricanes and tornadoes that would be submitted in a roof storm damage claim. Make sure anything that needs to be covered in your policy is listed in there because certain insurers may not pay to replace your roof and you would have to come out of pocket. Homeowners insurance may or may not cover regular wear and tear to an aging roof so make sure to speak to your insurer if you have any questions about your policy.

Roof Damage Repair

Regular damage to your roofs such as a faulty installation or punctured holes that are causing leaks will lead to bigger problems in the long run and will need roof leak repair. You would have to hire a roofing professional to fix your roof or if the problems are too severe to replace your roof altogether. For repairs or replacements for your roof damage claims in Broken Arrow, OK contact us at 918-259-0877.

Roof Damage Claim

Professional Roofing Service

In order to know if your roof is damaged regular inspections can be made. These can occur annually to make sure your roof is maintained. Upon inspection, if it is found out that there is damage, contact a roofing professional. Other factors to determine if your roof is damaged enough to file a roof damage claim is if you see any leaks inside the home. Leaks inside the home can leave water stains on the ceiling and create mold and a musty smell. Filing roof damage insurance claims can be exhausting but after you file your roof damage claim, you can also look to see if you will be reimbursed for any damages.

Roof Storm Damage Claims

Your homeowner’s insurance should state in your policy that you will be covered by any “acts of God”. These are any hurricanes especially if you live on the coast near water and tornadoes for those living in tornado country. Since these damages are not under your control, you can file a roof storm damage claim to repair severely damaged roofs and replace roofs that may have been removed to the severity of the storm. Contact a roofing professional to receive an estimate on damages for your roof damage claims in Broken Arrow, OK like roof hail damage at 918-259-0877.