Roofing Storm Damage Repairs

Roof Storm Damage to Commercial Roof

Storm Damage

Storm damage is probably considered the highest damage beating out roof hail damage that can happen to your roof and cause the most severe of problems. Tornadoes and hurricanes have on average cost billions of dollars in the U.S. alone in property damages for residential, industrial, etc. For example winds in a category five can reach up to over 300 mph! Some of the biggest natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina cost in the hundreds of billions to affected states. Your home insurance can cover any damage that is caused by tropical storms. On the other hand, tropical storms have their own set of deductibles in the homeowner’s policy. Prestige Roofing and Remodeling is always available to assist you. Reach out to us at 918-259-0877 today for repair or roof storm damage in Broken Arrow, OK.

  • Roof Hail Damage Depending on the size of hail, it can dent and crack your roofing which can lead to leaks and water damage
  • Roof Leak Repair If left alone, leaks can allow water to seep in and damage your home’s structure, creating mold, mildew, and woodrot.
  • Roof Wind Damage Depending on the speed of the wind, it can uproot trees that can crash into your roof or uproot pieces of your roof if not secured properly
  • Roof Damage Insurance Claims Having an expert roofer complete inspection of yoru roof damage can help you when you go to file an insurance claim.
  • Emergency Roof Repair Our team of roofers is always available to get started on your emergency roof repair service needs.

Roof wind damage can occur without the severeness rain from the storm. Repairs can cost up to $1000 not including the costs for roofers to come out and inspect your damages. Shingles will need to be replaced, repaired and sealed. Replacements will need to be made to missing portions of the roof that now has become debris. The average cost for repair to architectural shingles can cost between $400-$700 per square foot while the materials can cost on average a little over $200 per square foot.

Depending on the type of damage done to your roof from our inspections, repairs can not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance due to possible preexisting leaks. Also, the age of your roof will determine if the replacement costs will be fully covered by the insurance company.  Not all inclement weather might be covered by the homeowner’s insurance. Earthquakes, for example, have their own insurance separate from the others due to the extensive damage.

Roof Storm Damage Repair

How do I know that my roof is damaged?

You can do your own inspection prior to hiring a roofing professional to access any costs of the damages. During an inspection, look for water stains inside your home and any leaks. There can be holes and cracks in the roof that may or may not be visible. By replacing your roof there is a possibility that your insurance premium can be lowered.  Check for any cracks in the walls that could be a symbol of damage. While on the roof, look for missing shingles or bent. Once you take inventory on the damages, it is still heavily advised to contact and hire a roofing professional to do a more accurate and proper inspection to your roof. Afterwards, they can provide you with an estimate to provide to your insurance claims adjuster and start the repair and replacement process.  

Getting a new roof installed can add more property value to your home, so that is something to consider as well if you have an older home or if you and the roofing professional feel that a replacement is necessary, then do it! Take pictures of your damage findings immediately after a storm and after accessing storm damage to serve as proof of the original damage done to your roofing

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Your family’s safety is of the utmost importance during a time of crisis, and we want to provide you with peace of mind. We can not predict the weather or how heavy and disastrous it can be. It is better to be prepared at all costs and do the proper research on the different types of roofing installations and being knowledgeable about the type of repairs and replacements it may need in the future. A lot of roofing types can withstand severe weather conditions and are created for such. The way the roof is impacted may be costly in the long run but is well worth the cost for a more sustainable roof and protection of your home. Prestige Roofing and Remodeling here in Broken Arrow, OK can handle your roof storm damage services, just call 918-259-0877 today.