Residential Roof Installation

First Time Installation

One of the things we at Prestige Roofing and Remodeling excel at is roofing installations. Roofing installation is one of our most requested services. We have been in the roofing business for over 20 years, so let us take care of you by taking the stress out finding an experienced roofer for your home or business. Contact our professionals today for roof installation in the Broken Arrow, OK area at 918-259-0877.

Types of Roof Installation

Different type of roof installations include but are not limited to:

Certain roofing materials need to be installed in specific ways as to not damage the material and integrity of the home but to also not cause future damage if not installed properly. Don’t overlay too many roofing materials on top of the roofing you already have if the current roof can not support it. We will remove the current roof for you and install your new roof. We understand that some homeowners are a “do it yourself” type and we understand that it is to save costs. You can work on your own repairs and we can work with your budget. We do recommend hiring a professional roofer to repair anything that you are unable to do yourself to protect you.

What is the average cost for a new roof?

To give you a good example to keep in mind about cost, roofing is priced by the square. So by determining the square footage of your is a key factor. Next, you need to decide what type of roofing you are wanting to buy an install on your roof. These prices can range in the lower hundred per square. Some roofing for example synthetic is cheaper but gives the appearance of more expensive roofing. Others like metal roofing are more expensive but last longer. It all depends on what type of roofing is specifically designed for your home or business, what looks more appealing to the eye and brings more property value if it is residential and even where you live as certain geographical areas are more susceptible to specific types of storms.

Saving Money on Your Roof Installation

Many homeowners share the same main concern: finances. How to save money on a new roof installation? Well, here are some tips on some cost-saving ways.

  • Schedule installations and replacements around the time of the year when storms are less than likely to occur. The winter and springtime are ideal for installations since on average homeowners do more work to their home in the summer and fall time.
  • There is nothing stopping you from doing some prep work yourself. This saves time and money but always remember to be careful with being on the roof and with using any roofing equipment
  • Do your research! Knowing the type of roof you want to invest in will help your costs since roofing is priced per square.
  • See if your homeowner’s insurance covers some costs of the installation. Some roofing companies have warranties for the type of roof you plan on buying.

Taking these factors into consideration will help you make the right decision on what roofing to install and save you money in the long run. Roofing materials usually have the longevity that can last up to 50 years so choosing the right type of roof can save money on repairs and installation. Invest in your roof based on how it can withstand harsh weather conditions, fires and any other factors that can affect your roof.    

The type of service we provide depends on the roofing needs of our clients. We are not limited to just one type of service or building and that is what makes us so great. Need a roof repaired? No problem! Need to file an insurance claim for your roof? We got you covered on that too. Contact Prestige Roofing and Remodeling at 918-259-0877 and get started on roof installation in Broken Arrow, OK sooner rather than later!