Spanish Tile Roof Installation and Repair

Spanish Tile Installation

Elegant, Quality Roofing

Spanish roof tiles are gorgeous brightly colored tiles that have grown in popularity over the years especially in the residential sector. Spanish homes have a specific type of structure that is unique on its own. From its more historic look on mosques and cathedrals to its artistic appearance, Spanish roofing tiles are another type of roofing installation that we here at Prestige Roofing and Remodeling provide for installations and repair. Their texture as they come in ceramic and concrete tiling is able to reflect heat during warmer months. Looking for expert installation of Spanish tile roof in Broken Arrow, OK? Dial 918-259-0877 to get started.

Spanish Tile Roof Installation

Spanish tiles are very easy to install and are durable during harsh weather conditions. Clay Roof Tiles, Ceramic Roof Tiles and Concrete Roof Tiles are three popular versions of Spanish tiles that a homeowner can invest in for their roofing. The Spanish tiles need to be placed from left to right and installed by nailing that are interlocked at the joints by nailing them down together. Also, attach the correct type of gutters to your Spanish tiled roof in order to not create more weight. Roofing experts suggest to not use metal strapping for this particular type of roofing.

Types of Spanish Tiles Roofing

  • Concrete Roof Tiles: inexpensive for repairs and maintaining your roof, it’s long-lasting, durable and is lightweight but can be difficult to install in the long run
  • Clay Roof Tiles: ┬áheavy tiles, difficult to install the right way, a popular type of Spanish tile, rich in color, easy to maintain
  • Ceramic Roof Tiles: the same as concrete tiles, can easily be broken or damaged if a roofer or anyone on the roof walks on it, long-lasting, European style of architecture

Spanish Tile Roof Repair

There will come a time to where normal wear and tear will occur to your roofing and now it’s time to make some repairs. When it does come time to repair your Spanish tile roof, our professionals will be able to make accurate suggestions on what type of repairs you will need to make after making an inspection. Don’t wait, call us at 918-259-0877 today for your Spanish tile roof installation and repair in Broken Arrow, OK!