Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Concrete tiles are inexpensive which is good for repairs and replacements. Our hiring professionals can educate you on the homeowner about maintaining your roof in regard to concrete tiles. The characteristics are that concrete tiles are long-lasting, durable during heavy weather conditions and are very lightweight but can be difficult to install in the long run. These concrete tiles give off a traditional Spanish or European vibe with its architectural structure.  A concrete roof is very appealing to the high even more so than its counterparts. Concrete roofs use less energy giving your home a cooler temperature due to its texture. Compared to clay roofing materials, concrete tiles are more accessible to come by. Contact us at 918-259-0877 and speak with a representative at Prestige Roofing and Remodeling in Broken Arrow, OK for installing concrete tiles for your roof.

Advantages of concrete roofs

Let’s start off where normally things end…money! Compared to its counterpart clay tiles, concrete tiles are more cost-effective as it is less expensive than clay that can be up to approximately $20 per square. Concrete tiles come in three profiles: flat, low and high. The flat is as its name suggests and is flat and has no curves. Low profiles have smaller curvier than the high profile. They are very easy to maintain yet are heavy and is only made for infrastructures that are heavily reinforced. Concrete tiles are durable through warm and cool weather and can absorb water better than clay tiles.

Things to know about concrete roofs

Also, unlike clay roof tiles, a roofer or yourself can walk on the tiles only if necessary and it is not recommended and should be avoided. When repairing concrete tiles keep this in mind. While remodeling and even during the installation of your concrete tiles, you are allowed to paint the tiles with acrylic paint but it is not needed. Concrete tile installation needs to be glued to its surface and is preferred to be done in warm weather to be properly adhesive. Concrete tiles are waterproof and it needs to be installed in a certain way to prevent water damage. All roofing types need to be installed according to the type just for future reference if you decide to choose something other than concrete tiles.

Repairing your concrete roof

Like every type of roofing, concrete tiles are long-lasting but have different time-frames in their longevity. The longevity of the roofing materials depends on how you maintain the roof during normal wear and tear and other factors not under your control. Concrete tile repair and replacements are accessed by the type of damage to the roof and the life of a roof. Applying the repairs to a concrete roof requires certain procedures by laying the tiles in a certain manner in order to secure the roof. As stated earlier, concrete tiles have to be glued down in a certain pattern. Roofers will install concrete tiles on the outer edge and then work their way towards the middle for a flat roof. For a more slanted roof, roofers will place the concrete tiles on the bottom edge and work upwards to the apex of the roof. This is done in order to help water run off the roof after a rain or heavy storm thereby eliminating standing water that can cause the roof to cave in from all that weight.

For More Information

Concrete tiles for roofing are fire-resistant, so they are a good type of roofing material against the elements, like lighting, that could cause fires. Concrete tiles do not last as long as clay roofing tiles, estimating at about 30-50 years, so a concrete tile roof will need to be replaced sooner. Call Prestige Roofing and Remodeling at 918-259-0877 for concrete tile roof installation in Broken Arrow, OK. Our roofers will provide roofing education on helping the homeowner who needs to repair and replace their concrete roofing tiles.