Clay Tile Roof Installation

Clay Tile Roof Installation

Clay Tile Roof Installation

Choosing to install clay tile roofing comes with these advantages. Clay tiles are very similar to concrete tiles. These materials weigh more than concrete and will need to be properly installed to your roof. The roofer will need to also make sure that the clay tiles are properly secured. The added support will be needed prior to installation. Due to this, clay roofing tiles are more difficult to install the correct way so make sure you hire trained roofing professionals for your installation. Clay roof tiles are a popular type of Spanish and European tile that is used to create a historic look to your home.

Clay tiles are extremely rich and vibrant in a range of colors and are very easy to maintain in the long run. Shop around and choose the right roofing professional for your installation of clay roof tiles in Broken Arrow, OK by calling 918-259-0877.

The warranty for clay roof tiles can last 50 years to a lifetime of your roof but this depends on where you buy your tiles from. The clay roof tile repair can increase the value of your property over time. Clay tiles can be more energy saving compared to concrete roofing tiles but on the flip-side also can darken in color which makes it less energy efficient. Spanish Tile Repair can be more expensive due to the fact that clay roofing tiles are extremely hard to come by versus the concrete and ceramic roofing tiles.

What is Clay Tile Roofing?

Clay tiles are made from molded clay that has been heated and can come in a variety of colors that resemble more of the clay-like orange, red, brown and white. Clay or terracotta can also be made into a more ceramic matter. They retain their color due to being fired in a kiln that helps bond the coloring. Due to this the coloring will not peel or fade like other roofing materials. The elements of clay tiles are earthbound, therefore it is environment-friendly and can be recycled long after its original lifespan to be used again. Clay tiles are ideal for homes in warmer climates because it is fire resistant and also absorbs the heat while not allowing heat and moisture to enter your attic avoiding the buildup of mold. It also holds strong against severe weather conditions like strong winds.

Clay vs Concrete

Clay and concrete tiles are in the same family as far roofing goes but they are very much different. Clay roof tiles absorb less water than concrete tiles making it great to have in tropical storms or against regular rain showers. Because of this, there will be a limited amount of mildew build-up. Since clay tiles have less water retention than concrete, it weighs less. A regular clay tile weighs less than 50% than concrete without the water element alone. Clay tiles are easy to maintain. However, concrete is better than a clay when it comes to climate. Clay tiles can easily crack in lower to freezing temperatures, unlike concrete tiles that can survive through any temperature. So keep this in mind if you live in a cooler climate since clay tiles are better suited for warmer temperatures. One thing they both do have in common is they are both considered heavy compared to other roofing and because of this whatever building they are installed on needs to be heavily reinforced or that can be a cause for future problems in repairs and replacements.

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Clay roof tiles are heavy types of roofing materials. A roofing professional is specially equipped to handle the clay roof replacement after inspecting the roof. While walking on a clay roof unlike ceramic tile roofs where you have to be extremely careful since ceramic can easily be broken and or damaged to where it would need to be repaired or replaced, clay is more durable. With that being said, severe weather can be less damaging compared to the other roofing types. For more information about clay roof tiles in Broken Arrow, OK, call us at 918-259-0877 at Prestige Roofing and Remodeling.