Soffit and Fascia Repair in Broken Arrow, OK

Quality Repair Services

As with anything else, the size of your home will determine the cost of soffit and fascia repair and of having them replaced. Soffit and fascia are fixtures on the roof that you can see directly on the home. The soffit is the siding underneath the roof that can be in the form of vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Fascia is siding that goes hand in hand with soffit and sits directly atop of it. Gutters are installed on top of the fascia. Since the fascia can be seen from the public it is within your best interest to maintain the appearance and structure of it.

This can bring down the value of your home and create a bad reputation for not only yourself but your neighborhood. When you have the opportunity to have these repairs, it is imperative to act quickly. Contact 918-259-0877 for soffit and fascia service in Broken Arrow, OK. Prestige Roofing and Remodeling is where you will find quality roofing services for your home.

Soffit and Fascia Installation

Vinyl is the most preferred for the type of soffit and fascia used for your home. Installing can cost approximately $5- $20 per linear foot. Vinyl soffit and fascias are resistant to rotting and cracking. Aluminum soffit and fascias can get extremely hot which can cost you more in the future since aluminum soffit and fascia are not considered energy savers unlike vinyl which is energy efficient and so vinyl is usually recommended. You are able to paint both the soffit and fascia to reflect the nice appearance of your home. Professional roofs will prepare to install soffit and fascia. After that, the roofer will install over enclosed and open eaves. Soffit and fascia can also be installed on porch ceilings and provide a nice accent to your home if it features a porch.

Soffit and Fascia Repair and Replacement

Your soffit needs to be highly ventilated to air out your attic so that mold and moisture will not occur. Molding can cause health problems if not corrected and prevented. Soffit helps keep out the unwanted insects that like to create nests like bees. Repair your soffit if you find any cracks and holes that will allow unwanted elements to enter your home. As far as fascias, repair it as soon as possible as stated earlier, so your home won’t look untended to. Your gutters are installed on top of your fascia that drains the rain and other elements so a strong fascia is needed.

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At Prestige Roofing and Remodeling, we pride ourselves in providing the utmost in professional roofing services like soffit and fascia repair in the Broken Arrow, OK area and we believe that we excel at knowing what products are more suitable for not only your home needs but also your budget.  We look forward to hearing from you when you call 918-259-0877 for your residential roofing service needs. We will go over prices and discuss the long term costs in what type of roofing or remodeling you want to be done to your home. Our roofing professionals will guide you through the step by step process of the installation process as well as what to look for in order to determine if you need repairs or a particular replacement to your roof to save you even more money. We are always here to help!