Aluminum Roof Installation & Repairs

Storm-resistant Quality

Looking to modify your home roof? Maybe you need to repair the installation that was previously done. No matter what you need, Prestige Roofing and Remodeling can provide aluminum roofing services in Broken Arrow, OK and is happy to serve you!

The Benefits of Aluminum Roofing

A metal roof also is known as an aluminum roof if properly installed by a roofing professional can last for up to and over 100 years. Compared to other types of roofing, aluminum roofing is best during both cold and hot weather. Aluminum roofing materials are also resistant to corrosion and will not require much maintenance which can get costly. They should, however, be routinely inspected. This type of roofing also cuts down on noise. In the past metal roofs could cause a lot of noises during inclement weather due to not being installed over the surface.  During the aluminum roof installation, the aluminum material is placed over plywood to reduce or eliminate the noise.

The Pros of Aluminum Roofs Installation

  • Aluminum roofs have longevity: Aluminum roofs are not susceptible to obstacles such as fire and rust and can withstand any other natural elements. One of the more popular types of aluminum roofing is standing seam metal roofing.
  • Life Expectancy: The life expectancy of aluminum roofs last over 100 years and the warranties for aluminum roof replacements can last up to 50 years!
  • Energy saver: The metal is the conduct of energy, therefore, you can save on energy and will keep you cool throughout a hot summer day.
  • Weight: Unlike slate, aluminum roofs weigh less on your foundation.

The Cons of Aluminum Roofs Installation

  • Electricity: Because aluminum is metal and metal is a conductor of electricity, be careful during those bad thunderstorms in case of lightning!
  • Normal Wear and Tear: Although the aluminum may not rust and corrode, it can peel away over time and that does not add to the aesthetic of the home and resulting in aluminum roofing repair.
  • Contract and Expand: Another factor for heat is that metal expands while warm.

Aluminum Roof Repair

Even though aluminum roof installations are long-lasting and are resistant to certain factors, they can leak. Aluminum roof repair can fix leaks caused by several things such as the metal roofing screws that are not driven into the aluminum correctly such as being overdriven (metal screws are sealed too tight that the rubber on the metal screw breaks) or under driven (meaning that the metal screw can not be secured enough to stop leaks).  Aluminum roof repair also will use a sealant that not only stop leaks but are weatherproof to natural occurrences. These are just a few examples of how your aluminum roof can be repaired.

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During your research, you may want to consider the cost of aluminum roof installation in Broken Arrow, OK. By comparing costs on which roofing material to invest in you can add more value to your home. Aluminum roofing metal sheets can cost approximately $200 per sheet. Also, it is best to note that a darker colored roof can help on energy savings costs. For example, if interested, stone coated steel roofing can cost up to $400 per square. Then take the square footage of your home and you can come to the conclusion of the total cost of your aluminum roofing. For aluminum roof repair and installations, call us now at 918-259-0877 to get started today!