PVC Roofing

Superior Protection, Superior Results

When it comes to single-ply roofing, PVC Roofing offers superior protection through its unique characteristics. Durable and long-lasting, there is not much that a business owner can go wrong with when choosing a PVC roofing installation.

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Strength of a PVC Roof

Safety is always a top priority when choosing the materials for your business. One of the biggest benefits of PVC roofing is its high durability against wind, fire, and water damage. When it comes to roofing standards, all materials are expected to have a breaking strength of at least 200 per square in. PVC roofing was designed to go beyond that, providing business owners with a defense that is equal to that of metal, as PVC has a breaking strength of 350.

What makes the PVC roof so durable is its hot air welded-seams. These seams bond together to create a water-tight and impenetrable surface that allows wind to roll right off of it, instead of tugging at the material of the roof, which is a common problem for most asphalt shingle roofs.

Properly done, a PVC roof installation can last your roof a minimum of 20 years, and can even go beyond that with the proper maintenance. With the low maintenance of the PVC roof and its durability, you will save money on repairs and can feel confident in the strength of your roof.

PVC Roof Installation and Repair

When it comes to high-quality roofs that were built to last, you can trust in PVC roofing to keep your business safe. Our team of highly trained and dedicated professionals goes beyond just installation by providing you with a maintenance team you can rely on. Turn to Prestige Roofing and Remodeling when you need a quality roofing company to take repair or replace your roof. Our team has redefined the standards of PVC roofing services in Broken Arrow, OK. If you would like more information or are looking for a free estimate on your flat roof installation or repair then call our team at 918-259-0877.