Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Installation

Modified bitumen roofing material is asphalt and or tar substance type of material and is often compared to EPDM roofing. However, unlike EPDM, bitumen can be installed in both cold and warm weather. Contact Prestige Roofing and Remodeling at 918-259-0877 for more information on how we install modified bitumen in Broken Arrow, OK. Modified bitumen is pretty inexpensive at $5 per square foot. To get a better understanding of what bitumen roofing is, it is the same material used for our roads. Our roofing professionals will roll the bitumen roofing material over the surface with a heating torch to adhere to the roof.

Modified Bitumen Roofs Are:

  • Waterproof
  • Fire resistant
  • Cost-effective
  • Tear-resistant
  • Durable and flexible

Which we will see later, repairing and replacing modified bitumen roofing is fairly easy and inexpensive.

Modified Bitumen Repair and Replacement

Modified Bitumen Repair and Replacement

Modified bitumen roofs can last up to twenty years before any type of repair or replacement is needed compared to other roofing materials. Our roofing professionals will inspect the roof to see what and how much damage has occurred to determine what needs to be done. If the roof has a significant amount of moisture that has seeped into the modified bitumen roofing, then replacement is the only option. In order to replace the asphalt, the roof will need to be completely dry before ANY type of work can be performed. A top coat will be painted over the roof after the primer is set, in order to plug any punctures and cracks and is used to be resistance from severe weather conditions.

Just like installing the modified bitumen, repair and replacement can be dangerous since a blow torch is being used and that’s why it is highly recommended to not do this procedure on your own and hire a roofing professional. Some disadvantages to using modified bitumen:

  • Dangerous during installation
  • The material can scoff from constant walking on it

For more information on modified bitumen in Broken Arrow, OK and other commercial roof coatings to choose which is best for you contact Prestige Roofing and Remodeling at 918-259-0877.