Green Roof Installation

A Cleaner Roof

Green roofs are a new and upcoming trend that is taking the idea of conservation and protecting the environment to new heights, (literally). Popular in Europe, green rooftops have found their way across the ocean to the United States, helping to solve the growing concerns of environmental woes and making up for weaknesses in conventional roofing. Using natural vegetation to create the main structure of the roof without hurting the overall infrastructure of the building. If your business is looking to go more environmentally friendly with green roof installation in Broken Arrow, OK then call our team of insured roofers at Prestige Roofing and Remodeling by dialing 918-259-0877.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Besides being incredibly environmentally friendly, there is a lot of benefits to having a green roof.

Long-Lasting: Due to the living nature of the material used to make up a green roof, they generally last longer than other roofing types, such as asphalt or metal. This is due to the fact that they naturally make use of the water from rain and creates a natural drainage system which removes the possibility of a leak.

Reduced Energy Costs: Green roofs provide natural insulation helping to keep your cool air on the inside of your building by absorbing sunlight and using it for photosynthesis.

Not only will this process reduce energy costs, but it will also improve the quality of the air and reduce the Urban Island Heat Effect. (The Urban Heat Island Effect is caused by the absorption and entrapment of heat, which causes the area surrounding it to be hotter than the outside areas.)

Types of Green Roof Installation

There are two different types of green roof installations that you can choose from, intensive and extensive.

Intensive green roofs refer to a roof that is basically turned into a park by adding walkways surrounded by shrubs, trees, and benches. They are usually supported by a complex structural system that allows for easier irrigation, drainage, and root protection. This type of green roof will give your building a place of escape that can be used for outdoor meetings or as a break area. It should be noted that this type of roofing is relatively heavy, being 80-150 pounds per square foot.

Extensive green roofs are lighter than intensive green roofs, as they are made mostly of shrubs, tall grass, and small trees, and are not meant as an outdoor garden. They are used primarily for their environmental benefits and strengths which is why their weight is significantly less, coming in at 15-50 pounds per square mile.

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