Rubber Roof Coatings

Rubber Roof Coating Installed by Prestige Roofing

The Protection of a Rubber Roof Coating

Rubber roofing coating is improving every day thanks to new innovations in the world of roofing. Its improvements are creating a more protective shield to help solve common problems, such as leaking, which conventional roofs face. If you are looking for a way to fortify your roof while being cost-efficient and long-lasting, rubber roof coating services may be right for you.

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Strengths of Rubber Roof Coating

Also known as EPDM, which stands for ethylene diene terpolymer roof), this type of roof coating provides unique protection that only comes from the material of rubber.

Water Resistant: One of the biggest advantages of a rubber roof coating is the fact that is water-resistant. Though it is possible for it to get wet, rubber roofing works differently in the fact that it stops the water from soaking into the material, keeping the water contained to the top so that it is easily absorbed by the sun.

Low Maintenance: Unlike other roofing materials, rubber coat roofing doesn’t require much when it comes to maintenance. The only thing that may need to be done during its lifetime is repainting the roof with acrylic paint to maintain a specific color and to help it better reflect UV rays to avoid sun damage. (Acrylic painting jobs only need to be done every 10-12 years.)

Fire Resistant: One of the biggest benefits of rubber is its natural character as a flame retardant. Due to the nature of rubber, a fire has a hard time getting the correct nutrients from rubber as it does with wood, which means that its growth is stunted, or in best cases, chokes out. Rubber roof is a fantastic investment for areas that experience a lot of wildfires.

Better Insulation: Rubber roof coating also acts as a great insulator, increasing your energy by allowing cool air to pass through but keeping warm air on the outside of your business.

Rubber Roof Coating Application

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