Industrial Roof Coatings

Protect Your Industrial roof with roof coating

Protect Your Industrial Buildings

Prestige Roofing and Remodeling understand that your business is focused on making a change by providing services to the people of Broken Arrow, OK. Having a faulty or leaking roof can cause your business to lose valuable time and assets as you search for a way to fix the problem. Instead of trying to handle the issue when it occurs, why not look for a way to prevent it, by investing in an industrial roof coating. This way you can keep your team focused on what matters most, your customers. Contact us today at 918-259-0877 if you would like to have a coating applied on your roof. We are available for industrial roof coatings in Broken Arrow, OK.

Industrial roof coatings are a monolithic fluid applied to a roof that then hardens into a protective shield. This shield strengthens your roofs natural resistance to water, and in some cases, makes it resistant to sun damage. You will find that your roof performs ten times better with an industrial coating, which increases the longevity of your roof and protects your investment. If you are looking for a team of achieved and highly-qualified roofers to help defend your roof, then call Prestige Roofing and Remodeling at 918-259-0877 to receive your free consultation.

Silicone Coating

When it comes to industrial roof coatings, nothing is stronger than a silicone coating. Silicone is a seamless membrane that creates a permanent shield for your roof. It does not weather easily, as it is highly resistant to cracking under UV rays.

The membrane also creates a protective layer against water, as it doesn’t absorb the moisture, which allows the silicone to keep its hardness, which is perfect for preventing leaks. Along the same lines, silicone roofing’s water resistant nature also makes it a terrible environment for mold and mildew, meaning that your roof will not have to worry about becoming stained or weakened due to plant-life.

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If you are looking for industrial roof coatings in the Broken Arrow, OK area, then call Prestige Roofing and Remodeling today for a free consultation by dialing 918-259-0877. We can ensure that your commercial roof is fully protected from wear and tear!